23 April 2015

Self Control and Wisdom

By whip or want and every sort of fear
by vice or visions, falsely shining hopes
the tyrant drives the lives of other men.
But how from such devices keep we clear?
As bold and honest slaves we melt our ropes
by mastering our tyrants deep within.

Simplicity in words and humble acts
A steady stance before the pain of fate
The rightness of the right word timely placed
The truth well understood above the facts
And calm that waits beneath a sudden weight
By such as these is knowledge far outpaced

The death of vice begins with Self Control
Repeated use brings Wisdom to the soul

Hope and Faith

An oyster waits beneath the blue-green mass
for hands long parted from the air.
It's lifted as the diver turns at last
ascending t'ward the disk of light from where
she craves a breath.  The lighter press, and shafts
of sun, propel her swift for respite there.

A raging storm both dark and bold assails
each stroke upon this sea immense and cold.
My heart would freeze and yet an echo hails,
"You've been this way before."  That voice I know,
the Captain under whom I sprouted sails!
And so I paddle onward row by row.

As Hope reveals reality not seen
So Faith holds on to what has been

27 July 2014

Generosity and Gratitude

A stranger welcomed to a royal feast
The baker's joy in remnant cookie dough
A garden bursting lush with verdant trees
A rain spent sky ablaze with colored bow
A joyful heart to bless the least of these
An open hand, a  fountain’s overflow

The dirt, a home to flower, coal, and gem
and strife, a place where virtues learn to grow
The darkness, contrast for the good in men
and weakness, grace in letting others show
The Good in all that happens now and then
is life, a gift to see, to choose to know

"Judge not in giving nor by lenses viewed"
said Generosity and Gratitude

13 July 2014

Courage and Diligence

Despite the threat of ghouls and ghosts without
and dark imagined fears that loom within
When loudly screams the inner voice of doubt
which floods the mind in black chaotic din
Then Courage strikes with clarifying shout
with focus on the goal: that Good might win!

When motivation lacks, nor dreams yield smiles
and modest work is judged as merely plain
When progress seems to stop as sloth beguiles
or endless dripping drives sound minds insane
Then most surrender to distraction’s wiles
as Diligence enjoys each modest gain

These noble soldiers fight in brotherhood
their weapon’s one, an acting will to Good

25 May 2014

Humility and Patience

A running stream, an ocean's swells so grand
these undulating fluid forces flow.
Thus mighty mountains great above the land
their cataclysmic mass set long ago
are ever lessened bit by bit to sand
by meager molecules of H-2-O.

Downward falls a seed in gentle arc
into the furrowed ground.  Interred with care
beneath the weight of loam, alone and dark
it waits for sustenance, for changes in the air,
for changing seasons' passing years.  When, hark
the birdsong from its lofty branches there!

Humility impacts through softened tone
While Patience waits with purpose until grown